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A service that should not be missed is the prediction of various sports events, especially football, which is the world’s most popular sport, Thailand included. The number one sportsbook in Thailand, according to Silentbet, is 1xbit. The bookie comes with the best sports coverage and many markets per event. Additionally, it has compelling fixed odds and numerous bonuses for punters.

The most popular sports to bet on in Thailand are football – as is the case in most nations – horse racing and boxing. These sports are covered in detail with the leading betting apps with the top competitions, teams and athletes covered. Although betting on these sports – aside from horse racing – isn’t quite legal, it doesn’t stop Thai citizens from participating in the activity. Since the Gambling Act of 1935, gambling in Thailand has been an illegal activity, except for the few things the government has authorized, such as the local lottery.

  • It’s estimated up to 60% of the population enjoy having a good bet.
  • You can expect to find an abundance of rewards, but the most popular one is the classic deposit bonus.
  • Thailand is another in a long list of countries where it is illegal to bet on sports online.
  • These rewards can come in all shapes and sizes, yet the two most popular offers are free bets and deposit bonuses.

Its popularity and high revenue gave birth to the illegal underground lottery that offers better odds than what the government provides. Since 1939, Thailand has not introduced any new laws touching on the legality of betting, effectively keeping nearly all forms of gambling illegal. However, like many other countries with outdated laws, Thailand has no legislation that would touch on the legality of online betting. That is because people who want to bet need to use VPNs to access bookmakers in Thailand, and most of the older generation don’t know how to do it.

The government takes a strict approach to banning all forms of gambling. Physical casinos, sportsbooks, poker clubs and online betting sites in Thailand are all outlawed. The Thai government does not regulate any of these forms of gambling and it offers no protections for players. At last, the popularity of sports betting sites is increasing in Thailand; many bookmakers are available for bettors.

Online sportsbooks offer a wide variety of betting options and excellent odds. You’ll find a variety of odds ranging from fractional odds to Indonesian odds, Hong Kong odds and Malay odds. Thai citizens love to bet on sports and continue to do so despite the activity being illegal. Luckily, numerous licensed and regulated online sportsbooks serve Thailand. If you choose to play, make sure that the site is regulated by a prominent regulator such as the U.K.

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For most local residents, online betting on the more trending now football games help build confidence in choosing the selections from your bet slip. One would only need a PC or mobile phone, a stable Internet connection, and bank details for withdrawal of winnings. Most online casinos offering sports betting follow a strict verification process, so be sure you have the proper documents to prove your identity. Stay tuned as I’m about to present a detailed breakdown of the online sports betting industry in Thailand. The popularity of online sports betting has skyrocketed in Thailand.

As noted, betting in Thailand isn’t legal, but that hasn’t stopped illegal Asian sportsbooks from offering their services to locals desperate to place bets. Also known as Thai boxing, Muay Thai is an extremely popular sport in Thailand, so it makes sense that people like to bet on it. And even though most sportsbooks don’t cover Muay Thai, Thai bookies do an excellent job offering betting markets.

The first one is pretty straightforward because you will simply have to bet on the team that will win the match. This means you can either place a minimum bet on a team that you think will most likely win. The other bet is to bet on the outcome of the six overs or how many runs a team can score in a given time. First off, I want to say hi and wish a warm welcome to all gambling aficionados out there! My name is David Nugent and I am editor-in-chief of I have always enjoyed various sports, primarily soccer, as I am a die-hard Everton fan.

Thai people are enthusiastic about online gambling, and most players opt for sports betting rather than any other type of gambling. Thailand is one of the biggest gambling countries in Southeast Asia, and the gambling industry is continually flourishing. So, if you decide to gamble online while in Thailand, there are a few things you should know about.

The in-play section allows you to access football, tennis, and table tennis live events. Each event on the bookie has many betting markets, with some containing more than 1450 betting options. With such markets, Thais are guaranteed an easy time placing bets on the bookmaker. But first, Thais have to register for a 1xbet account to access the betting options. When analyzing the platforms, we consider the betting sites that offer a range of betting markets and competitive odds. The best sports betting sites Thailand must cover all these sports to support the widest range of punters.

For those looking for good bonuses and promotions, don’t worry – Thailand bookmakers offer plenty of them. Whether they are welcome offers for those who have just registered with the site, or bonuses on certain sports, you will surely find what you are looking for. If you are interested in sports betting in Thailand then you’ve arrived at the right site. Online bettors in Thailand can make payments using the available deposit and withdrawal options offered by a given bookie.

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