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Brief The Idea

Kunooz Projects & Investments LLC

The idea stemming from the necessity of having high quality services and a specialized work team with a professionalism, helping young people, money owners and ambitious creators to reach financial independence that cannot be reached without a commercial investment project and is mainly centered on providing Packaged services designed to save time and money.


One stop solution to make your idea a reality

The purpose is to ensure the success of projects through organized work to align with the short and long term goals of the business. We as consultants are the right people.

We have the right information to make the right decisions. Projects will be executed  within the planned time and budget Enterprise resources are used in the most efficient manner.

Working Process

From Idea to Awesome Product Process


Research Idea

Strategic Consultation

Kunooz Enterprises and Investment Company explains the basic sources of knowledge available for the client investor’s work, and indicates how this information can be harnessed and exploited in the best way

Marketing Analysis

Site Search & Marketing Analysis

Market & site research to go in the right direction and to achieve our results at the best way possible. This research can help us to remove any obstacles and prepare for the market before a business launches


Developing Process

Branding, Legal & Administrative

Once marketing analysis is done, branding, legal, and administrative work will be ongoing by our PRO, and make sure no problem lies with the license or brand name!


Interior Design

Pixel Perfection Project

Once everything is done the interiors of restaurants, cafes, offices, kiosks will be curated !. As it’s a big factor in attracting customers to onboard to our cafe/restaurants


Supply Equipment

Supplying the best equipments

We have the supply chain team that can provide the best equipments at the lowest price in the market! This can save a lot of money 



Hiring the best candidates for firm

Our HR department does this job in the best practice. Before onboarding any candidate, he/she will be given the task and asked to perform. Only one who performs the best will be selected


Get Ready To Launch !

Your Dream To A Reality With Us

Yallah ! That’s it, your idea is now a reality with Kunooz Projects & Investments LLC. We make sure each and every process is done carefully with your business meeting the success that you are looking for!


Why We Stand Out

Things that make us different!

One stop Solution

Ideas > Discussion > Marketing Analysis > Financial > Legal > Administrative > Site Analysis
>Design > Construction > Supply > Hire > Launch

Yes Its Cost Effective !

Working Hard Everywhere this will be the first thought that comes to your mind. Then the answer is we don't charge anything extra!

Because We Make It HAPPEN!

Yes! Within a short time frame, we make your idea happen, because we have the complete team on board to make any idea into reality.


Providing professional consultations for investors and new clients in the field of business management and investment.

Presenting creative and distinctive ideas and cooperating with the best graphic designers and engineers.

Adopting the latest marketing studies and theories adopted by the largest business founders.

Ensuring professionalism with all customers, suppliers and partners.

Providing a welcoming and warm environment in which investors, customers and employees feel safe, trusted, respected and supported.

The possibility of implementing a complete project in its smallest details until the opening.

Our Brilliant Creativity

Core Team Value


Advices & implementation on finance required to start a business to launch the business in the market

administrative & legal

To start a business it should be legal in UAE, and procedures are different in each emirate. Kunooz will take care of a-z !

Suppliers & Hire Process

We have our in house suppliers and HR department for each business categories to support our clients

PRO & Engineering Designs

PRO works, engineering designs for your office or restaurants, will be provided by our in house members

What Our Clients Says About us

Clients Feedback

This is simply unbelievable! Keep up the excellent work. Work impressed me on multiple levels
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